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The BRIDGET - Rufftung x Love & Sparkles Runway Earrings

The BRIDGET - Rufftung x Love & Sparkles Runway Earrings

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The Bridget is the queen of sparkle. Pretty shapes all cut from Irridescent acrylic, make up strands that shimmer and shine and catch the light, creating a gorgeous rainbow of colours. These can be worn with any outfit as the colour will reflect what you wear. pretty drop earrings with multiple strands, these measure at the longest drop point. 

Our Runway collection was designed to pair with the gorgeous summer 2023 clothing collection by the incredibly talented Fashion Brand Rufftung, while being in keeping with everything that makes us Love & Sparkles. The perfect brand collaboration to give the most beautiful Jewellery for your collection.

PLEASE NOTE: the Runway items were created to be LARGER for visibility, the ones on the store that are sold are a more manageable size, being lighter on the ear but still getting the gorgeous sparkle and pop of colours that make these so special.

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